About Us

Meridian Management Consultancy was founded to meet and deliver the basic requirements and priorities of customers and add value through business transformation. We are a market-focused, process-driven team that develops and delivers innovative business solutions to our clients. We differentiate our services by having single point experts and thought leaders in their area of expertise and blend business and technology to create enduring value for the clients. 

We take pride in the momentum and excitement we create in the organizations we work with and are committed to their success. Solutions are a certainty for all our clients.

You will find our solutions affordable too. We work together to recognize the business needs of each customer and offer them the most economical & cost effective solutions to reach their business objectives.

Raise the bar every single time with quick, long-lasting solutions

Effective and reliable processes are the essence of business strategy

Re-imagine and think out of the box to unlock transformational opportunities

As a professional services firm, our clients come first

Continuously question current practices and look for ways to improve

Never give up and always envision the best possible outcome for any situation